WhatsApp Security – How to back up your data!

Messenger like WhatsApp are very popular to communicate to friends. Information should not be visible to unknown users. However, a security makes this possible.

The WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular communication tools to keep in touch with friends through text, voice, audio or video. So that your data remains in the circle of the friends, you have to change some settings in the app. Hacker can execute a program (script) in the PC version of WhatsApp and read various data from any user. Even if they do not belong to their own contacts. This is what the Dutch security expert Loran Kloeze has pointed out and warned that data can be read out and stored in databases.

Whatsapp security

Security: What information can be read out?

First the good news: Special content – such as concrete message texts or sent pictures and videos – can not find a data with the described script method. On the other hand, profile images, the status text and the online/offline status of other WhatsApp users are readable. Perhaps not the most explosive data, but not everyone wants to share it with the public.

Prevent Data Briefly – How it works!

Whoever wants to keep the readable information private can be relatively easily protected. The basis for the readout are the normal privacy settings in WhatsApp. These are after the installation of the app so generously pre-set, but can be easily changed with a few clicks. To do this, click the three points in the upper-right corner of the app and select Settings. In the menu, click on “Account” and then “Privacy”. Now you see all the options you have to protect your data in WhatsApp. The default setting is “Everyone” and can be changed to “My Contacts” or “None” with few actions.

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